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Tax is the foundation of our service to clients. With so many areas of tax and all the attendant legislation we focus on providing Jargon free advice, help and assistance in making sure the right result is obtained.

Montacs started as a tax consultancy, and while we have grown to provide full accounting services to clients, taxation both of day to day activity and special projects is at the heart of what we do.

It is crucial in any circumstance to know that you achieved the right and best position for your tax affairs. We apply our specialist knowledge to your day to day taxes, as well as large transactions of significance.

We provide our tax compliance services in accordance with our ethos – which is Right, On Time, In Budget and with added value. We favour fixed price work, so it is clear and simple. Every tax return, be it corporate, partnership or individual is either prepared or reviewed by a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation giving the best quality outcomes to our work.

As part of these services, we complete individual self-assessment returns, trust accounts and tax returns, Corporation Tax Returns, R&D claims and Patent box claims, all part of annual compliance. We also perform VAT returns, including partial exemption calculations, payroll, and CIS returns where required.

Our compliance unit, unless necessary or requested, has dispensed with timesheets. To us it is about the service you receive and the quality of the product, not the cost to us of providing that service.

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Montacs has a team of dedicated professionals to deliver an accounting service that is Right, On time, In budget and with added value.

Whatever your business format, be it a sole trader, LLP, partnership or Group of companies, it is vital that business owners understand their figures and what they mean, together with any trends that the business is producing.

As part of our accounts service, we provide more than just traditional analysis of expenses, with KPIs, performance trends, and if appropriate we use our Business Intelligence Tools as well. This combination allows opportunities to be identified as well as risk areas, and sections of underperformance to be remedied.

Timely delivery of accounts, to your requirements is Montacs’ hallmark, before completing the filing requirements with HMRC and if appropriate Companies House.

With sector knowledge, business analysis tools and experience over decades of businesses large and small, Montacs can make that difference to ensure we deliver with added value.

Montacs’ Tax Advisory work is the heartbeat of our organisation. Our clients are able to create commercially sensible, valuable solutions on all manner of activity. This includes:

  • Bespoke Inheritance Tax Planning, eliminating risk for families
  • Property Planning, including planning for Planning consent
  • Structuring work for corporate groups
  • Mergers, Disposals and Acquisitions
  • Trust planning
  • Employee incentives
  • Opening in overseas jurisdictions, including Europe and USA
  • Ensuring Capital Gains are handled well
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax

We could go on, but years of experience enables us to build or enact solutions that are sensible from a commercial or family perspective, comply with the legislation and are for the best benefit of all involved.

The UK has a relatively benign tax system if all the elections, options and choices open to taxpayers are included. The skill is in knowing just what those options are.

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Montacs has a payroll service for clients that delivers on time, every time. We operate pension calculations where required, and also deliver P11D and Employment Related Securities forms to HMRC.

With the extensive penalty regime and real time information, it is crucial that employers handle the employee side of the business with accuracy and care.

Montacs deliver both the compliance side for clients and also create employment benefits packages that deliver increased employee engagement and productivity. Whether it be a simple benefit, or a complex share system, Montacs know how to deliver real business value for the owners as well as the staff.

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Running, buying or improving a business are all activities that are difficult without the right information to make the best decisions.

Montacs’ bespoke tools allow business owners to understand their own or a target business with the minimum of fuss and cost. These tools were all built in house, so we can adapt or amend for specific circumstances where appropriate. Using proper data analysis, Montacs can work with as much or as little data as is available, and because our processes are largely automated, that leaves our experienced staff and the business owner to spend time where it counts, on making the best decisions from the outputs, and harnessing the true value of the business.

No business is too big for this approach. Our largest dataset received was just over 250 million lines long. That took slightly longer than our standard 48 hour turnaround. That project concluded in four days only.

Our outputs are in graphical, dashboard traffic light or report format, depending on your needs, the key is to make sure that the best approach is taken for the business in question.

Montacs have found that just over half the conclusions to a Business Intelligence report are items that a business owner already knew were in existence, but did not have the value of them to hand. The remainder are new, prompting thought and changes where appropriate.

Being Intelligent about your business requires information in digestible, focussed pieces that point to relevant outcomes, enabling a business to move forward strongly.

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Montacs’ Sister company, MDSL (Montgomery Director Services Limited) undertakes roles for businesses that need a formal or informal level of assistance that goes beyond the accountancy model.

This enables us to properly drive businesses forward and spend time on aspects of internal work that otherwise may not be done.

Working inside the business in conjunction with internal staff allows us to bring our experience to bear and achieve more with the existing team, both adding value direct, and often freeing up management time for profitable activity.

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We help businesses buy and sell divisions and entities, guiding you through the maze. If you have a plan to sell, you should have a plan for the tax on that sale too. Proper planning yields solid results.

Handling the best plan for the transaction itself is one aspect. Just as key is minimising the impact of history. Presenting tax history correctly can reduce delays and increase the chance of a successful completion.

Clear, concise and easily understood reporting can unlock potential benefits to buyers and sellers not just in the transaction but by de-mystifying the paperwork for easy access.

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Starting a business can be a complex enterprise, but it is one that many of our clients have undertaken, and Montacs can assist in making it as easy as possible, from registrations, company set-up, checklists, and our network of contacts.

With good quality information on business performance, the first years of a new adventure can be less stressful, and allow you to produce better results.

We offer practical advice from experienced people on all key areas from strategy, taxation, VAT, grants to raising finance, most importantly Montacs cares about the outcomes for all our clients, so we go that extra mile to deliver for you.

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Trusts are an important method of enabling family and business outcomes. For many they are a specialism that places them beyond reasonable use. Montacs, using a jargon free approach can demystify trusts and their purposes, to allow the right outcome for families.

Where appropriate, trusts can enable families to move value or income to the right place without triggering large tax charges, or moving capital to a place where it should not lie. Montacs personnel have used trusts for the benefit of clients for many years and for many family purposes.

Trusts also allow commercial organisations to better organise their affairs so that the right disclosures and the right level of liability can be available to all businesses without unnecessarily exposing the wrong assets or information.

The key is to know the purpose of a trust and to make its desired outcomes possible. Further, when a trust has served its purpose, closing it properly is often neglected, as the reason for its inception has long since passed. Montacs are experienced in ensuring that trusts are removed where applicable and appropriate for the benefit of all.

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Montacs’ services are aimed at providing outcomes for clients which are based on commercial reality. With the range of options available, under the UK systems, there is normally no need for exotic choices. To extract the best from a business is based on commercial awareness and the flexibility to plan for the future.

Making sure that a structure or solution will work for a commercial enterprise both now and in the future is key to providing a solution. With the UK system in place, this is achievable for most goals that commercial organisations have.

Businesses may need to ensure that large gross margins are not easily discernible by customers and suppliers, or obtain limited liability without publishing accounts. The right solutions are available for commercial realities, that ensure a normal taxation position, but one which is commercially advantageous.

Families face change. It is inevitable that families change, and with it requirements. Where needed, Montacs can deliver solutions that allow capital and income to be redistributed in to the right hands in an effective and sensible outcome. Just as each family is unique, so the best way to arrange assets for the benefit of the family is a unique answer that normally requires bespoke planning.

The strength in depth of the Montacs team, means that families can be clearly assisted to reach the right outcome for them and for the assets and income sources involved.

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