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Often perceived as the leading measure of the economy, construction businesses have a niche that is unique in the economy. In a competitive marketplace, it is crucial to ensure that margins are understood, and where appropriate, robustly updated and maintained.

With many long term contracts, strategic changes were often thought to be tricky to implement, given the prevalence of performance bonds, retentions and the like. However, through experience these hurdles can be overcome to allow businesses to flourish in the right long term environment.

Montacs delivers specialist tax, and business advice, ensuring that projects which will improve the business long term are properly delivered.

While looking after accounting, both management and annual, tax compliance, and payroll, Montacs also offers advice with CIS, acquisitions and projections and joint ventures.

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We deal with property businesses every day, and our specialism is core to providing a quality experience that adds value to Montacs clients.

The sector is unique in its approach to investment, and adding value to portfolios or real assets. It also has, in the past, been notoriously difficult to pass on to the next generation or sell without significant issues. Montacs have built bespoke approaches to the issues involved for many clients, and the issues that are present in the industry can be overcome with straightforward, UK solutions that are designed to provide the right outcome for owners.

We take the time to understand our client’s needs, and as a result can focus on achieving the outcomes that they want in the most efficient way.

Montacs provides accounting, risk analysis, structuring advice and tax services to property owners, large and small, and with a breadth of knowledge allied to our construction specialism, can deliver value for our clients.

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With global changes, Britain’s manufacturers need to maintain their position as one of the strongest internationally. Montacs personnel have been working with manufacturers in the UK and overseas for decades which enables us to deliver for our clients.

Montacs provides a broad spectrum of advice and assistance, from maximising value from R&D and Patents, to protecting them from the vagaries of trade. We also use our Business Intelligence capacity to ensure that business owners are alive to the classes of activity that bring in profitable revenue and those that do not, as well as assisting with running a lean and agile operation.

Innovative solutions to commercial issues can make a significant difference in presenting accounts in the most appropriate way, and to structuring the business to place it in the best way for the future. Our clients have benefitted from bespoke planning for years, and this can enable higher margins, market share growth without scrutiny, and benefits for shareholders among other things.

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Distribution is a pivotal sector of the UK economy, and it is complex to get margins and value to translate to bottom line profit.

Montacs provide services to many distributors, from accounting, and tax compliance, delivering a quality, efficient service. Moreover, by understanding a business and its challenges we are able to assist properly in making sure the best margins can be achieved.

On a strategic level, having the right structure can ensure that risk is carefully contained, and profits are visible where appropriate for the business. Pushing those profits to a higher level can be done in conjunction with our business intelligence toolkit, which provides insight to the reality of where the business is making and losing profits, and what changes could be made.

As in all sectors Montacs provides acquisition and merger support, from financial and tax due diligence, to product integration and profitability studies.

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